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The Norwich Historical Society is excited to offer field trip and in class lessons to area schools! The purpose is to offer educational field trip opportunities focused on local history related to the Norwichtown Historic District and Norwich during the Revolutionary War era for area students. The field trip will be held on the historic Norwichtown Green and the Colonial Burying Ground. Students will learn about architectural features of the historic houses surrounding the Norwichtown Green, early history of Norwich, life in the colonial era, and prominent individuals from the colonial period such as Benedict Arnold, the Mohegan Tribe and Boston Trowtrow, a Black Governor from Norwich. The educational goals, compelling questions, and inquiry activities can be viewed upon request.

NHS will require partnering schools to sign the agreement which is outlined below.

  1. The Norwich Historical Society offers two field trip opportunities teachers can chose from. Lessons will feature topics related to the Norwichtown Green and the Colonial Burying Ground. If teachers would like to customize these lessons for their class, they must discuss the proposed changes with NHS no less than two weeks prior to their scheduled field trip. NHS may or may not agree to the altered lesson.
  2. NHS will provide a pre-visit worksheet for teachers, field trip activities, and a post visit worksheet.
  3. Schools must provide clipboards, writing utensils, and copies of handouts.
  4.  Fields trips are $5/student and $3/adult chaperone. Payment is due on the day of the field trip before the field trip can commence. An invoice can be supplied upon request. In school presentations are free of charge.
  5. Field trips should be booked at a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of six weeks in advance of the desired date to ensure availability of guides. Barring an emergency, the NHS will not accept changes made 24 hours prior to the scheduled field trip date.
  6.  In the event of a cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the school or NHS will provide 48 hours of advance notice. Both parties will then discuss the best date to reschedule the field trip.
  7. All chaperones and students must sign the Release form prior to the field trip.
  8. There must be enough chaperones to monitor and manage students. The Historical Society will not be responsible for supplying chaperones.
  9. NHS may film or photograph field trip participants which may be used for promotional or commercial purposes.
  10. Restroom facilities will be provided where available.

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Contact us at or 860-886-1776 to discuss how we could facilitate a program with your school!

Field Trip on the Norwichtown Green

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Tours of the Colonial Burying Ground